What does a Marbella Property Buyers Agent do & why use our services?

As the saying goes, “Time is Money” …we guarantee saving you both! 

As an exclusive Marbella Property Buyers Agent, we represent you & you only!

We source & secure the best properties in Marbella, many that are “off market” then negotiate on your behalf ensuring the best possible deal for you; unlike the seller’s agent, who wants the best possible price for the seller, as their commission is based on that.

Our local market knowledge ensures you are not overpaying in the fist place, as a “discount” from the asking Price means nothing if the property is overvalued in the first place & that is where our negotiating skills come in.

We are also a “true” buyer’s agent, in the fact we do charge you a fee for our services, avoiding conflicts of interest or collusion.

Some buyers agents claim they do not charge you a fee, but share the commission fee with the sellers agent….how is that representing your best financial interests. 


Saving you time:

You have decided you want to buy or invest in a property in Marbella…. GREAT!

  • If you have time, you will spend weeks, even months trawling numerous online estate agency websites & property portals.
  • You send off numerous emails with your requirements & budget, only to find that you get little or no response or find that the property you enquired about has suddenly just sold & are then sent properties that clearly don’t match you requirements & listed by multiple agents, at different prices!
  • Sound familiar?

Here is where Marbella PROPERTY Buyers Agent come in…

  • Fill in your details & Marbella property requirements via the contact form, being as detailed as possible at this stage, as the more you tell us now, the faster we can find what you are looking for.
  • We will arrange a more in-depth call / Zoom to drill down a bit more on your requirements & agree (or not) that what you are looking for & budget is both realistic & achievable.
  • Once you are completely satisfied that we have understood your requirements, we will start the property search process, after receiving the initial engagement fee, which is fully deductible from the success fee on successful property purchase.
  • We will search properties in Marbella, over 3-month period, via our own channels, including off market properties, as well as trusted real estate agencies, suitable properties that match your requirements, & personally visit them, ensuring they do match your requirements, & if possible, send videos.
  • We will repeat this process, until we have drawn up a “shortlist” of suitable Marbella properties, that we know will be of interest, based on your requirements & undertake initial & preliminary due diligence on property, not to be confused with full legal due diligence, which will be carried out by the Law Firm involved.
  • Once you have agreed that the properties, we found are ones you want to view, we will invite you to fly in & view.
  • Once you decide on a property & you wish to proceed to, we will start the negotiation process on your behalf, achieving the best price possible.
  • If you cannot fly in to view, but are happy to proceed based on photos or videos, we can close on your behalf after you authorising us to legally do so via Power of Attorney (POA)

So as you can see, by using our Marbella property buyers agent services, we have eliminated ALL the frustrating steps, & time wasted on research, web trawling, wasted emails & calls, leaving you to just sit back, & await the invite to view hand-picked properties.

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